Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Result. :/

Here's the thing, a day before the pre endorsed final result accessible in CMS, my coordinator had sent me a text, just to notify me about it. I can't sleep that freaking night thinking that I might flunk those two subjects I hate the most. Thinking that maybe I need to re-sit the paper again. I kept it to myself and did not tell my parents about it. Soon after that, one of my classmate rang me and she said she knew my result. I was shaking and stammering throughout the phone call. *true story* So she did mention my grades, just grades as in A, B or C, specifically, not.

The day after, I woke up in an unpleasant emotion, the result in some way give me the heebie-jeebies. I had my breakfast early in the morning, take my own sweet time, the fact that, kalau boleh tak nak tau result. But I have to bear with it, of course, I can't take a minute back, so I ran upstairs, switched on my laptop and direct to my college's homepage. And I was shivering from the very first second. The grades told by my friend was wholly true.

I grabbed the nearest calculator and start calculating my grade point average. I re-calculate for a number of times and I got the same number again and again and I cried for some reasons. I dialed up Syahirah, knowing that we always exhange results so on and stuffs like that, so I buzz her first. Just to let her the first one to know after my family. She didn't picked up and she rang me back immediately. Said she haven't take a look at it and asked me a favor to check it for her. So I did, and she turn out to get pretty good outcome. Hey, congratulation. I forgot to say it yesterday.

Facebook, twitter, it was full of yay me and stuffs. See, it's not that I'm not happy with my result, I do, I am happy with it, but the fact that I actually dropped my pointer, who would like it? But genuinely, I am grateful, and I couldn't give more gratitude to God who always there when everybody leaves. Who never give up on me, though I might be the most rebellious creature He ever made, there's no end of gratitude to You.

To all my lecturers, I know I have said this, but I just feel like doing it one more time. :) Thank you for every single thing you've done for me. Every. I know I talk a lot sometimes, I get you on your nerves, things like that, I'm awfully sorry. Thank you for made me who I am today.


  1. your english is very good lah sofia, like me, im scared to explore the words, takut salah guna :'/ so i guna the basic one jeee.

  2. Haha, mana ada lah sofia. I pun refer dictionary kadang kadang, grammar berterabur pulak tu, haha. Tapi, I biarkan je, semua orang pun buat salah kan? Nobody's perfect. :)