Saturday, May 28, 2011

Damsel's wont.

She could hear the steps on the stairs, the sound of the washing machine running just close to her, the sound of flicking on the lights once or twice, thrice maybe. Within a second she could hear the water from the bathroom which is just few steps away from her bed. She could hear someone is calling her pet name, just a two-letter word, which sounds more endearment. The sounds of birds chirping, quite calms her in the morning. She wakes up before the sun rises, rub her sleepy eyes, and get in to the toilet pretty damn quick to brush her teeth in the first place.

Dawdling to the lower floor and grab the car keys, move the gear from parking to drive, hit the road to send off her sister to school. Back home, grab some bread, spread on some nutella, back to bed and catch her forty winks without delay. Turn on the fan, make sure the curtain meet each end, just to block the sunshine from coming through her windows, which may distract her doze.

Less than an hour later, roughly, she could hear someone is calling her with her pet name again. But this time, it's a guy. Get up in involuntary and heard 'let's go out for breakfast, get ready.' Shall be ready in less than 15 minutes and right away leave the house for breakfast.

Back home in one hour or perhaps half an hour later, it depends. She starts doing some boring chores, catch some movies, too lazy to make up her bed, too lazy to put her garments in the cupboard, too lazy to do everything. Turn on her laptop and start surfing until her fingers are numb, until she needs to loosen up her joints. How long could it be? Four hours, five? She's not sure herself.

Loafing around the house, aimless, trying to work something out, yet nothing. Spend the whole evening by watching movies or whatever she could possibly do before get back to sleep. And noiselessly waiting for tomorrow to come, and go through the same day as she did today.

And yes, that's how my days come and go. Pretty much monotonous, but I don't care much, X.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Linwood Barclay

"Dear Anyone : This is a letter from one anyone to another anyone, no names required, because nobody really knows anybody anyway. Names don't make a hell of a lot of difference. The world is made up entirely strangers. Millions and millions of them. Everyone is a stranger to everyone else. Sometimes we think we know other people, especially those we supposedly are close to, but if we really knew them, why are we so often surprised by the shit they do? Like, parents are always surprised by what their kids do. They raise them from the time they were babies, spend each and every day with them, think they're these goddamn fucking angels, and then one day the cops come to the door and say hey, guess what, parents? Your kid just bashed some other kid's head in with a baseball bat. Or you're the kid, and you think things are pretty fucking okay, and then one day this guy who's supposed to be your dad says so long, have a nice life. And you think, what the fuck is this? So years later, your mom ends up living with another guy, and he seems okay, but do you think, when's it coming? That's what life is. Life is always asking yourself, when's it coming? Because if it hasn't come for a long, long time, you know you're fucking due. All the best, Anyone."

Adapted from No Time For Goodbye

Friday, May 20, 2011

Break rest.

After ten hellish days of stressing myself with final, it's finally over. How trouble-free it is to get over examinations. Hee. Though I did not do quite well, I hope everything going to be fine. I wish to get flying colors result, of course. But Malaysian Studies and Creative Communication Production was out of my league! 'A' is so un-get-able. :(

Future semester, I know you’ll be waiting patiently for me. And for that, please be as pleasurable as you can. I can’t wait to meet you, but somehow I got to have a time of my life with holidays. Till then, shall we date in July.

Nonetheless, supreme appreciation to all pedagogues' endeavor to educate us throughout the semester. With you, we're towering proud. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011


As everyone's aware, today is 16th May, a day, the entire world is celebrating teacher's day. To all teachers in the world, have a blast. :)

So here it goes, everyone has someone to lean on, to cry on, to have one's shoulder, it's not as easy as pie you know, people come and go in your life. As for me, I have her. :)

She's a friend of mine, a sister and a company wherever I go. Though we had and we shall have thousands, millions of arguments each day, she stills the one I'll be looking for. We knew each other since we were thirteen, but we get closer when we were fifteen. Eh, how cool is that? Both of us take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, no matter what we do, we take a little of each other everywhere. ♥

Here is what I’m trying to say, she was a stranger to me 7 years ago, she was my friend since then, my best friend since we're fifteen, and now she’s more than a sister to me. Though new friends came along throughout the way, hey, trust me, they ain’t like you. Things we shared, ain’t comparable. Though I may not appreciate some of your presence, though I may not give all smiles throughout the day, I’m just letting you know that I am eternally grateful for each time you stick around when everyone leaves.

Thank you for all the advices that I was not listening, the limelight that I was oblivious, all the time that I was not thankful, and all the smiles that I was frowned. You're my educator, my motivator, Nurul Syahirah Noor Azman. :')

p/s : Fyi, she will be a teacher someday. :)

I heart you, always.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I know you a whit in this age.

Beginning the past fortnight, I'm all clueless about what is transpiring. Still and all, I'm trying to twig the circumstances. I've done wrongs, I can sense that, which I reckon everybody does make mistakes. Human nature, have you ever heard of it? And I comprehend if you go berserk for a little while, but do you think it's entitle for a small mistake? You decide.

I doubt so. But that is your way. Not mine. Everyone has their, let's say unique ways. But erratically cold treatment doesn't solve the difficulty. Sarcasm does not always come to an end with contentment. Take a pick. A second of satisfaction or a long term unspoken talks?

*paused* I miss the times we had. I'm not the only one who has been noticing your changes. Others did. Take a moment and ponder what has been wrong in this state of time.

P/s : If you're ingenious enough to read a shot, you'll distinguish the effortless significance.