Saturday, May 28, 2011

Damsel's wont.

She could hear the steps on the stairs, the sound of the washing machine running just close to her, the sound of flicking on the lights once or twice, thrice maybe. Within a second she could hear the water from the bathroom which is just few steps away from her bed. She could hear someone is calling her pet name, just a two-letter word, which sounds more endearment. The sounds of birds chirping, quite calms her in the morning. She wakes up before the sun rises, rub her sleepy eyes, and get in to the toilet pretty damn quick to brush her teeth in the first place.

Dawdling to the lower floor and grab the car keys, move the gear from parking to drive, hit the road to send off her sister to school. Back home, grab some bread, spread on some nutella, back to bed and catch her forty winks without delay. Turn on the fan, make sure the curtain meet each end, just to block the sunshine from coming through her windows, which may distract her doze.

Less than an hour later, roughly, she could hear someone is calling her with her pet name again. But this time, it's a guy. Get up in involuntary and heard 'let's go out for breakfast, get ready.' Shall be ready in less than 15 minutes and right away leave the house for breakfast.

Back home in one hour or perhaps half an hour later, it depends. She starts doing some boring chores, catch some movies, too lazy to make up her bed, too lazy to put her garments in the cupboard, too lazy to do everything. Turn on her laptop and start surfing until her fingers are numb, until she needs to loosen up her joints. How long could it be? Four hours, five? She's not sure herself.

Loafing around the house, aimless, trying to work something out, yet nothing. Spend the whole evening by watching movies or whatever she could possibly do before get back to sleep. And noiselessly waiting for tomorrow to come, and go through the same day as she did today.

And yes, that's how my days come and go. Pretty much monotonous, but I don't care much, X.

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