Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Forever me

Imagine this, life is like a piece of paper. Your parents taught you how to hold a pencil or a pencil color or crayons, they tell you the colors, the bright ones, the dull ones, they taught you how to paint. In life, you were given a piece of blank paper. And it's you who draw it, color it, decorate it. Eraser does exist, but it can't rub off mark-less-ly.

My sister and I, we came from the same womb, we have the same mom, same dad, same first name. Yes, we're biological sisters. But that doesn't mean we have the same attitude, same personality. I don't like to be paint with the same brush. Hello? We're two different person. We have a contrast character, opposite attitude and different aspiration. Even twins do.

She, being the eldest one among us, being the first one to go through every steps, but that doesn't mean I have to take her footsteps, right? Remembered when I was in form 4, I got into a science stream class. My sister? She took an account stream. My parents expected me to switch to account stream. Not to look down on me, but they said I might not address it as it is tougher compared to account stream. I know it's tougher, harder, I might not get it in my head. But I just want to prove that they're wrong. Nothing is impossible. As a saying goes, 'when there's a will, there's a way'.

Results? They ain't so good, but they ain't bad either. Sufficient enough to get myself into local university. Yes, I got two offers, matriculation and one more in local university. It's a pretty good opportunity, but my dad, he won't let me in. My sister? Again, she applied for a professional course in a college, somewhere around this town. Over again, my dad asked me to take any courses available in the same college. And I did. Okay with that. That's not my point.

Point is, things have been a little bit different now. My sister, she started wearing scarf couples of months ago. And I don't. I know it's a good thing to wear it, but I'm not ready. I don't want to commit myself with it. When I'm ready, I'll do it. I'll do it for God's sake. Not my parents. And when I do, I want to clean myself from everything. My sister is more polite, she's sweet, and soft-spoken compared to me. People tend to expect the same thing from me. In every aspect of life. No, I'm not like that. We're different. My sister come clean about something she did quite recently. It's not a major problem, but the fact that she hides it from us. Which I will never do. Point is, nobody's perfect.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm a mortal, who are just even with anyone else standing in this world. I may not be as hardworking as my sister, I can't do accounts, and know what? She can't do chemistry either. She may be a little bit smarter than I am in languages, and may be I'm a little bit smarter in mathematics, probably.

You know, we were born with unique specialities. And yet, we are not perfect either. We have flaws, everyone does, but it just that it's in different ways. Indirectly, we're even.

The paper, make it as beautiful as you can. Do the outlines before you color it, so if you use a wrong color, you are capable of changing the color before you color the whole thing. The mark earlier, they ain't going nowhere, but at least, you know it's not suitable and that shall alert you to be more careful in choosing a right color for your drawing.

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