Friday, June 10, 2011


Though there are thousands of hits songs being broadcast on the radio, I ideally listen to old tunes. It's not that I do not listen to all these new released songs, I do. I do listen to Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Big Time Rush, The Ready Set, A Rocket To The Moon, Keri Hilson, et cetera, et cetera. They have aptitude for music, they're smashing!

But someway, old tracks make me feel, warm and calm and motivated and inspired. They're classic and, and they're wonderful. Each song has a very deep meaning, and it's mostly implicit. That's the preponderance of oldies, which I like the most. It's not explicitly stated. And they're ageless, they never really did worn me out. Babyface, Luther Vandross, Boys ii Men, James Ingram, 98 Degrees, Brian McKnight, Eric Clapton, KC & Jojo, Shania Twain, oh my, if I have to make a list of best-loved, it's going to be long-drawn-out.

There are lots of them, but here are some of my favorite lifetime oldies :

#1 That's What Friends Are For
#2 More than Words
#3 Will You Wait For Me
#4 One Sweet Day
#5 Everytime You Go Away
#6 Tears in Heaven
#7 Stay The Same
#8 Find 100 Ways
#9 Remember Me This Way
#10 A Promise I Make
#11 You'll Never Stand Alone
#12 Dance With My Father Again
#13 Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
#14 I'll Stand By You
#15 Sorry For The Stupid Things
#16 Nobody Knows
#17 The Hardest Thing
#18 Hard To Say I'm Sorry
#19 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
#20 Drama, Love and Relationships

People tend to say it's love songs. Literally, they are. But the word 'love' isn't as a matter of course supposed to be your lover. Boyfriends or girlfriends. Love is for everybody. Parents, siblings, families, friends, all of them. You're highly think of your partner and pay no heed to value your nearest and dearest.

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