Monday, April 25, 2011

A Friend or Foe?

A friend is define as a person whom knows everything about you. One who knows and accept your imperfection with whole heart. Friends come and go, walk in and walk out in your life. No one has ever guarantee that they'll be there at the end of your life. But in some way, when you trust your friend, when you have faith in them, you'll place at least a little credence that they will be there whenever you need them.

I've been living in this planet for almost a couple of decades and I've seen lots of people with zillions behavior. Quite recently, I knew a friend who was a friend by name. And as I said for a zillion times again, I’m eighteen and I make mistakes. I'm not saying it's a goof by knowing her, but perhaps I should have drawn a fine line between us. She's nice, no doubt. But then I just wake up and being very conscious that everything they said was absolutely right. Where deep down, I whispered to myself 'I should have listened to them'. But then again, regardless of what they have judged her, let's just keep it to myself, as I think everyone in the entire world did criticize others.

And now as time goes by, I felt uneasy in her presence. There was once, after some time, I went out lunch with her, where, I don't feel the so-called-comfortableness I used to have heretofore. I hardly share things with her at the moment. And I get real awkward to just be left alone with her. Enough said.

We were close as thick as thieves, but not anymore. Look back on, who was the one calling for whom? Who did asked favors from whom? Bet she disremember that. My amigo once said 'not all friends are kept'. And know what? It's not fallacious. Remember back, what did trigger me to pulled myself out. I’m not raking up the past, but nah, guess you know better, chum.

I guess the previous post was too in a roundabout way or maybe unselfish for you. And if you're contemplating this post as selfishness, one thing left to say, I digested that from you. And for what is happening now, for what I've made another party felt when I was tight-knit with you, I guess I'm collecting my paybacks now. The world goes round. The end.

P/s : Oh, by the way, I don't buy your chivalry anymore. Please do commit to your memory.


  1. I've once felt this too.. Sedih gila bila A person U know very well, becoming a person u knew.. :(

  2. Exactly Sofia. :( Things changed in the blink of an eye.