Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What you see is not always what they mean.

When you first met one person, or get to know a person, everything seem to be very pleasing. Everything about them are flawless. You like the way they treat you, the way the speak to you, the way they laugh, everything. In other word, you fall for their amiability. And somehow I believe what they said, that in this phase, our body produces myriad of endorphins that make us feel outlandishly happy.

But question is, how long does it lasts? A month or two? A year? In time you'll get to know them better. It's where you realize that they are human being. They aren't perfect, they have flaws. Where in sooth, you can't accept their vile behavior. Think again, you are a human being too. You have flaws. Everybody does. They might dislike your odious behavior as well. Take that in your account.

I've been there, done that. It's a sheer bullshit I must say here. But what I muse on until hell freezes over, we know that it's going to happen and yet we tend to let ourselves drown in it.

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