Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ugly truth perhaps?

Have I ever let you down? Okay, maybe I did, once or twice or even more than 10 times, I know. But have I never listen to every little things you said? I doubt so. I may never seem interested in every words came out from your mouth or your text. But deep inside, only me, who knows, who understand everything that you said. As a quote goes, ' everyone hears what you say, friends listen to what you say, bestfriend listens to what you don't say'.

Let alone be within me. Okay, truth is I never really did show that I care. I do agree upon that. I never show that I concern. Because that's me, for a matter of fact that you have to accept. I don't mind being the shoulder to cry on, to lean on, or even being your punching bag. Infact, I'm glad to be one. It just that the way you let it out as if it was me to be blame. :'(

P/s : anyways, I had  a great day with you today. :) Just to let you know that I am.

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