Wednesday, June 16, 2010

College Life Begins.

So yeah, registration day yesterday, orientation for the whole week started today! Only for 3 days actually, haish, sofea don't make it sound like so long lah! :D So then I met new friends, I did enjoy which quite surprising actually. Haha. I'm in group 8, leading by Ziqa and shoot, I forgot the guy's name. Nevertheless, I met new people such Mina, Amy, Fara and whoa, I cant list out all their names, but they're nice so far, too early to judge, but the most important thing is, I can get along with them. Not the forget, nenek Syahirah who is currently studying in KPTM as well, but taking a different course, duhh, I cant get into our group. Imagine if only we could stay together. We're gonna have so much fun! :D


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