Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh, Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, you're the greatest person that ever inspired me. You're always there during my ups and downs. You never neglect me like how some mothers do. No you don't and you won't. You always there to build up my strength and spirit whenever I tend to lose it especially when I feel isolated. And I know I've done you so many wrongs, and I know that your patient is wearing thin though you never let it out, well I know. You're the only one who could bear with my antics all these while. Raising me up is such a onerous job! You did it well. You educate me, fed me, buy me good stuff, well, *smile*. Haha, what else to say? You're just good enough. I have no complain. So here am I today to say, mom, you're great, I love you more than anyone possibly could.
No one is perfect in this entire world, but still, you're the best.

"Nobody knows the work she makes,
To keep the home together.
Nobody knows  the steps she takes,
Nobody knows-but Mother."



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