Friday, May 22, 2015


In this 21st century, how do people measure intelligence? By how thick your certs in the folder? Or by the grades that you got from universities?

In my personal point of view, intelligence is something that can't be measured by how many A's you earn in your examinations. Or the Cumulative Grade Point Average you earn at the end of the semester.

What about the rest of the unlucky people who does not have the chance for all that? Some genius kids who are incapable to pursue their studies. Local or abroad. To get the same certificate as others? Due to some financial issue? Disappointment.

And the society often label the unlucky kids as the non-educated kids. Well, you never know what they are capable of!

Intelligence is not written on a piece of paper. 

Most of the Malaysians pursue their studies to the higher institution as they believe that those certificates are significant for them to go anywhere. It is, no doubt. It's a ticket for your job.

Attitude, responsibility. 

That is most vital characteristic one should have in executing daily task.

You can have Masters for that matter, but if you don't have that characteristic, it won't bring you anywhere neither.

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