Thursday, January 27, 2011

Second Child Syndrome?

  • The first being that this child will neither be the oldest out of the siblings, nor the youngest. They will be in between, ME.
  • The child will not be a leader of sorts. They will prefer to follow the trends, ME.
  • The child will lack a specific focus, 100% ME.
  • They will have very very few friends. Mingling with people won't come very easily to them, SORT OF ME.
  • Relationships won't really be their forte. In fact they will try to shy away from it as far as possible, REAL ME.
  • They will be fairly shy. They will try to go unnoticed and stay out of the radar. Nonetheless, they will do enough to keep the ball rolling, QUITE ME.
  • They will be quite artistic and creative, err, artistic PROBABLY and creative, NO?
  • They hate doing monotonous work. SO YES!
  • They will not be able to perform under pressure, at all! THERE'S NO NO.
  • They are likely to do things that get them into trouble, simply as a way of seeking attention from you, Sorry, it's a YES.
  • They definitely hate a comparison to their older sibling. You simply must not say 'why can't you be like your brother/sister?', YES, I HATE IT.
  • You are bound to face a negative attitude, a lot of sarcasm, and persistent anger from them. Oh, that's ME!
  • Childish? Oh, WE just need attention.