Saturday, December 18, 2010


I remember once you left all of us home because you have an appointment somewhere and mama wasn't home that time, and I remember you called every 10 minutes to check on us and ask every little things like where are you now? What are you doing? Have you eaten? Did you lock the front door? Don't get out of the house. Don't make anything in the kitchen, everyone stay together in one place. Just stay in my room. Don't let strangers come in. If anything happens call me immediately. And I remember I said, '' we're fine, we're big enough to take care of the little sibling for few hours, don't worry''. And I remember you said, '' no matter how big you are, you will always be my little princess''.
You mean a lot to me dad, without you, I wouldn't be here.
Happy birthday dad, xoxo. :)

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